TOPIC                                            SPEAKER




Jan         Albert Dock                                                    Anthony Clarke   




Feb      Liverpool & the American Civil                          David Hern




March   Every Object Tells a Story                               Jacky Finch



April    Beers, Bars & Boozes                                        Ken Pye



May    Role of Police & Crime Commissioner                Jane Kennedy     



June   Earnest H. Shackelton                               Brian Anderson                                        



                                   Settling down for the Speaker                


                     TOPIC                                       SPEAKER



July      Visiting the Victory                                         Michael Corfe



Aug     The Royal Navy in the 21st Century         Lt Commander Ian King. RNR



Sept    Clatterbridge Cancer Charity                          Elspeth Wilson



Oct       TBA



Nov       AGM



Dec      Christmas Lunch Entertainment


After Dinner Speakers  will often use a digital projector.Members seating some distance from the screen are free to move closer to ensure full participation